Language learning for the real world.

Join our global learning community and experience language learning through virtual immersion.

We use technology to bring the world into the classroom

What is Lenguas Club?

Lenguas Club is a cutting-edge language learning solution that connects students with native speakers through virtual immersion.

We work with highly qualified teachers and researchers to offer students authentic and relevant learning experiences.

Our distinct chapters in language learning and professional development offer innovative and engaging solutions for schools and language departments.

Here's what our customers say

”I loved the virtual meetings. My students left the class excited and ready to do it again."

- Mr. Rhones, Spanish teacher

Gilbertsville, NY

Our Services

Spanish for Schools

Our native Spanish-speaking teachers offer an engaging virtual immersion program to help schools and language departments meet and surpass the mandates for World Language Education.

PD Club

An interdisciplinary and project-based professional development program that aims to help educators support multilingual learners develop language and cultural competency and global citizenship skills.

Language Club

Learn a language by using it. Our expert instructors, all native speakers will help you attain your language goals in a supportive, interactive, and enjoyable environment.

Business Club

Achieve fluency in the language of your profession. Engage with native speakers on industry-related topics, and gain the confidence to communicate effectively in your professional activities.

Why choose Lenguas Club?

With Lenguas Club, you gain a team of teachers and researchers invested in advancing the skills of your team and the language skills of your students.

With Lenguas Club you belong to a global learning community. We harness the power of collaboration in the benefit of learners.

Lenguas Club is based on the Oral Proficiency Guidelines of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages and aligns with the NY state standards for World Languages.

Our mission

To empower learners to achieve their goals through authentic opportunities that engage their curiosity and desire to succeed.

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