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Empowering Educators, Enriching Students.

Our team contributes to your school by elevating language education, fostering academic excellence and global awareness in your school.”

How it works

With Lenguas Club, your students learn in small groups (9-12 students).
Our program has three main components.

Spanish Virtual Immersion

Tailored Curriculum: Customized to meet ACTFL and NYSED world language standards.

Experiential Learning: Interactive sessions with native speakers for real-life language use.

Cultural Integration: Lessons infused with rich cultural insights.

Community Connection: Engaging with Spanish-speaking communities for practical language application.

English Learners Support

Builds Academic Language: Focused on enhancing language skills for academic excellence.

Cultural Competence: Prepares students for success in diverse cultural settings.

Promotes Equity and Inclusion: Ensures equal opportunities for all learners.

Professional Development

Support for Teachers of Multilingual Learners: Specialized training focused on effective, adaptable strategies for educators working with multilingual students.

Mentoring and Support for Language Teachers: Continuous mentorship and guidance services to help language teachers grow professionally.

Innovative Teaching Techniques: Training in cutting-edge language teaching methodologies to enhance classroom effectiveness.

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