Teaching Toolkit (Consultation)


Don’t have a language teacher? No worries. Our specialized programs supply you with all you need: highly qualified instructors, curriculum aligned with the state standards, materials, and teaching guides.

  • 3-Day Program
    • Engage your students in conversation with native speakers.
    • We provide learning resources for your classroom educators.
    • Language Lab: Dive deeper into the intricacies of your target language and its culture
    • Deep Dives: Explore deep dives into specific topics in the curriculum.
    • Assessment Report: Receive a report of your students’ progress and performance.
  • 5-Day Program
    • All the benefits of the aforementioned programs.
    • Complete cultural and linguistic immersion
    • Instruction and Materials: Our teachers work with students and provide materials for your teachers.
    • Assessment and Grading: Receive class performance analytics in addition to the assessment report.

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