Our story

Lenguas Club was born out of the desire to offer students real opportunities to use the language to converse with people. The founder, Marisol Marcin first connected her students with native speakers from Colombia through a collaboration with Instituto Caro y Cuervo.

The experience was so impactful, that it changed the classroom dynamics immediately. Her students were much more curious about the language and culture and wanted to learn how to express their own ideas in Spanish. This inspired the creation of Lenguas Club, a community of native speakers and language learners where students can explore the language and culture through authentic interactions.

Lenguas Club was featured in an article honoring Hispanic Heritage Month

Our Mission

We aim to empower language learners by creating authentic opportunities that engage their curiosity and desire to succeed.

By using virtual technology, we develop diverse learning communities that advance language and content knowledge as well as cultural awareness and global citizenship.

Our Founder

Dr. Marisol Marcin has over 20 years of experience teaching Spanish and English in New York. Here are some of her accomplishments and qualifications:

  • Professor languages and teaching methods at Binghamton University
  • PhD Translation Studies
  • MS Integrating Technology in Education
  • 2nd Vice president of NYSAFLT (New York State Association for Language Teachers.
  • Recognized researcher and presenter on topics related to language education
As a language learner myself, I know first hand that one of the most difficult aspects of mastering a language is overcoming the fear of using it, and as a language educator I also know that using the language in authentic ways has a possitive ripple effect on all language skills.
Dr. Marcin

Our Team

Andrea Ocampo

English & Spanish language teacher.

It is fascinating to teach language, because you learn so much more than just the language. You learn different ways of thinking. I love teaching and learning from others.

Studied Spanish, English & French.
University teaching specialist
Diploma in pedagogy & didactics of Spanish as a foreign language

Valentina Patiño

Diego Aguirre

Spanish Language Professor

I have taught Spanish as a second and foreign language for four years and at all levels, and instructed students in preparation for the DELE exam. I have also taught secondary school literature and Spanish for two years.

I have a passion for reading, music, and like to visit museums. I enjoy being able to teach my language, and it has allowed me to learn much more about my own and other cultures.

Kellie Tompkins

Sandra Baquero

Yenifer Camacho

Site translator for Lenguas Club

Growth driven community

We don’t stop at students. Our community also supports educators with targeted professional development focused on the unique challenges of teaching world languages as well as teaching multilingual learners.

We’re committed to equipping educators with the expertise to create dynamic, multicultural classrooms where every learner can succeed.

“You do not have to know a language to use it, it is by using it that you learn it best.”

– Marisol Marcin Ph.D. & Founder
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