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Empowering educators to unlock the potential of multilingual learners with an innovative and effective professional development program.

Supporting Multilingual Learners in the General Education Classroom

World Language PD Club


Unleash the power of multicultural classrooms.

Our services

Our work sessions are designed to offer practical strategies to support multilingual learners within general education classrooms.

Individual Workshops

Each workshop is designed to provide practical strategies and tools that educators can immediately implement in their classrooms.

Participants will engage in interactive sessions, collaborate with peers, and gain valuable insights from experienced language teaching professionals.

Workshop Series

A carefully curated selection of workshops that build upon each other, fostering continuous growth and development throughout the professional learning journey.

Our comprehensive workshop series offers a bundled package of workshops designed to provide educators with a holistic approach to supporting multilingual learners.

MLL Pedagogical Upgrade

Comprehensive learning experience that combines in-person and online workshops, mentoring, and ongoing support.

This program is designed to provide educators with an immersive and sustained opportunity to enhance their skills in supporting multilingual learners.

Multilingual EDGE

Year long comprehensive and immersive professional development experience for educators to foster inclusive and effective classrooms for multilingual learners.

This package combines a range of workshops, mentoring, coaching, and ongoing support throughout the academic year.

we understand that every school, every classroom, and every student is unique. That's why we offer different models of consulting services tailored to suit the specific needs of all parties involved.

Whether it's one-on-one consultations, team-based workshops, or school-wide interventions, our team of specialists is prepared to provide the guidance and strategies you need to excel in a multilingual educational setting.

World Language PD Club

Join the club to enhance your approach, refine your skills, and empower your students.

Our services

We empower educators to unlock the potential of language learning with an innovative and effective professional development program.


Experience impactful workshops that integrate world language standards and foster cultural competence.

Enhance teaching strategies, align with language standards, and promote cultural competence for student achievement.

Master Mind WLT

An invaluable resource for schools seeking to provide comprehensive support to their world language teachers.

Connect with experienced teacher mentors, navigate the new world language standards, and embrace cutting-edge practices for impactful teaching.

Spanish for Teachers

This program is designed to help Spanish teachers develop confidence and proficiency in the language they are teaching.

Join conversation sessions and language labs led by native speakers, as well as language sprints and other opportunities to deepen their understanding of the language and cultures you teach.

Join us to enrich your teaching journey and ignite the linguistic potential of your students!

Elevate Education, Embrace Diversity!

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We can build a solution tailored to your school needs.