Spanish for Schools

We use technology to unlock authentic Spanish language learning experiences in your classroom.

Our innovative pedagogical approach brings your students into a community of learners and native speakers.

How it works

With Lenguas Club, your students learn in small groups (9-12 students). ​

Lenguas Club has three main components:

Conversation Club

Group sessions to converse about different topics and use the language in authentic ways.

Language Lab

Sessions to learn about different aspects of the language: pronunciation, expressions, and other aspects based on the needs of the group.​

Deep Dives

Small group sessions offer individualized education. Here, learners get focused attention and support at a pace that’s right for them.

Empowering World Language Teachers with Ease!

Virtual Language Immersion Made Effortless

Our Services

At Lenguas Club, we believe that the best way to learn a language is by using it. We bring the Spanish-speaking world into the classroom so students develop the confidence and fluidity they need to use the language in the real world.

Full Teaching Toolkits

These programs are designed for schools that don't have a language teacher. We work with the students and provide materials and instructions for a substitute teacher in the classroom.

  • 5-day program: All aspects of culture and language learning, assessment, and grading

  • 3-day program: Conversation Club, Language Lab, biweekly Deep Dives, aligned to the curriculum, assessment report

Team Up

We team up with your world language teachers to support their work with authentic practice.

  • 2-day program: Conversation Club, Language Lab, aligned to classroom objectives, summary report

  • Weekly conversations: Let us meet with your students on a weekly basis so they talk about the topics you choose.

Inter-school cultural exchange

Multi-session collaboration between classrooms in the United States and Latin America to offer unique intercultural experiences that challenge students to increase their global understanding and to put into action their language learning.

Elevate Education, Embrace Diversity!
orange and green painted building
orange and green painted building
Classroom Visits

Our teachers pay virtual visits to your classroom, aligned with classroom objectives, focused on language and culture, pre and post-session support materials

Let's talk

We can build a solution tailored to your school needs.