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Novice Level Spanish – Conversation Club

Program based on salient pedagogical research on language learning and language acquisition.

Sessions led by highly qualified native speakers.

You belong to a community of learners and native speakers in which to advance your language.

Gamified experience. Reward yourself for learning Spanish.


During the Novice Level cycles, you develop vocabulary and language abilities to converse about everyday life as well as the confidence to engage in conversations on a variety of topics.

The Language Club is a small-group conversation led by a native speaker. Learners talk about real issues and discuss topics of interest to the group. The club is ideal for people who do not have a lot of time but are eager to improve their Spanish by using it. In the conversation club, you will have the opportunity to speak Spanish to become comfortable using it while learning new words and concepts in every session. 

To prepare for these sessions, it is a good idea to review vocabulary, watch videos, read articles, listen to podcasts and more. Use our list of resources to get ready, and nake sure to award yourself points for every activity you do to improve your Spanish.

Reward yourself for learning!

What is something you would like to give yourself for sticking to your plan to learn Spanish? As part of your learning experience, we want you to give yourself a reward for the dedication and effort you will have to put forth to reach your goals with Spanish. This reward can be anything, a trip, a book, a day for yourself, etc. Just make sure it is something you really want, and that it is worth your effort. 

If by the end of this cycle you have accumulated 1000 points, you should give yourself that gift. You earned it! Given that reaching your goal requires effort, it is important that you give yourself rewards along the way.

Think of other perks you can give yourself for going beyond your weekly targets. Once you have decided what your prizes will be, the practice guides found in the Resources section will help you decide how to accumulate points and get ready for the conversation club and other activities. Of course, the guides are just ideas, you can mix and match activities as you see fit.

In this cycle, you will increase your fluency by adding new vocabulary and expressions.

You will learn to communicate new simple ideas about topics that interest you and you will be able to express your opinions about them. Our weekly themes will be selected based on the interests of your learning team. Once your group is set up, you will receive a message telling you the dates and topics of the meetings.

In the meantime, Invite you to explore the suggested resources so that you become familiar with our website and start learning right away.

Your goal for this level is to accumulate at least 500 points. If you do, you will strengthen your skills and improve every day. Since this will require your effort, it is important that you give yourself a good reward if you accomplish your mission.

Once you have established what your rewards will be, use the practice guides to decide how to accumulate points and prepare for the conversation sessions.

Of course, the guides are just ideas, you can mix activities as you see fit.

I wish you a lot of success,

Marisol Marcin, Ph.D.

Program creator

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