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Intermediate Level Spanish – Fourth Cycle

Program based on salient pedagogical research on language learning and language acquisition.

Sessions led by highly qualified native speakers.

You belong to a community of learners and native speakers in which to advance your language.

Gamified experience. Reward yourself for learning Spanish.


During the Intermediate level cycles, you expand your vocabulary and language strategies to discuss any topic at a superficial level and some topics of your choosing more in-depth.

Speakers at the Intermediate level are distinguished primarily by their ability to create with the language when talking about familiar topics related to their daily life. They are able to recombine learned material in order to express personal meaning. Intermediate-level speakers can ask simple questions and can handle a straightforward survival situation. They produce sentence-level language, ranging from discrete sentences to strings of sentences, typically in present time. Intermediate-level speakers are understood by interlocutors who are accustomed to dealing with non-native learners of the language.

(ACTFL proficiency guidelines – Speaking)

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