We believe in the power of learning communities, and we're thrilled to support you and your students in their learning journey. Our program, rooted in pedagogical excellence, prioritizes meaningful, real-world communication. We adhere to ACTFL guidelines and New York World Language Standards, offering an education that ensures student success.

But we don't stop at students. Our community has grown to support educators with specific professional development opportunities, focusing on the unique challenges of teaching multilingual learners and teaching world languages. Our goal is to equip you with the tools, resources, and insights necessary for fostering a successful, multicultural learning environment where all your students can thrive.

Lenguas Club is a lively online community of language experts, native speakers, and learners who all want to make it easier for people around the world to talk to each other and understand each other better.

About us

Lenguas Club was founded in 2020 with the goals of helping people speak the language they study and making people more aware of the world through language learning.

Our mission

To empower learners to achieve their goals through authentic opportunities that engage their curiosity and desire to succeed.

Our vision

We want to use technology to harness the power of learning communities for the benefit of learners. By creating opportunities for people from different backgrounds and places to learn together and from one another, we want to advance content knowledge, cultural awareness, and global citizenship.

You do not have to know a language to use it, it is by using it that you learn it best.

Lenguas Club is the culmination of my work as an educator and a researcher. As a language learner myself, I know firsthand that one of the most difficult aspects of mastering a language is overcoming the fear of using it, and as a language educator, I also know that speaking has a positive ripple effect on all language skills.

​The program I have developed is grounded in widely recognized theories of second language acquisition, language learning, and games in learning. The result is a revolutionary language learning pedagogy that reimagines learning communities and is infused with gaming components to increase motivation and personal accountability.

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The program

Our teachers

Andrea Ocampo

Valentina Patiño

Diego Aguirre

Kellie Tompkins

Yenifer Camacho

Sandra Baquero

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